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Balaji Ratanlal Mithai Bandar
Emerald Mithai Shop
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Emerald Mithai Shop

Welcome to Emerald Mithai Shop.


       Emerald concept


Like Emerald, the green precious stone, food items from the emerald are as precious as a product from the Nature. The food items are offered for sale at their best quality and hygiene.


Emerald Mithai shop is a unit of Emerald Comestibles Pvt. Ltd.


Features of Emerald Mithai Shop


·        All sweet items are prepared with Ghee.

     Savories and snacks are prepared with refined sunflower Oil.


·        All items are free from chemical flavors & preservatives.


·        Usage of colors is minimized.

          Colors, if any present, are of herbal origin only.


·        Silver foil (Varak) never used.


·        Items are dispensed only in paper carry bags.





Emerald is found by Mr. Vijaya Ram & Brothers in 1999. Mr. Vijaya Ram is an artist by God gift, Business man by practice and environmentalist by self involvement. The zeal, for providing best quality traditional food in urban areas led him to start Emerald Mithai Shop. 


The shop gained a good name for quality products within a short span. This is just because of Vijay’s commitment for Quality, Hygiene and innovation of the product with Nature consciousness. 


The business expanded to another branch at K.P.H.B in 2007. Since then the business is being conducted with the name “Emerald comestibles Pvt. Ltd”. Emerald mithai shop is the registered trade name of outlet for “Emerald comestibles Pvt. Ltd”.  The shop sells food products like Sweets, Savories, Snacks and selective beverages.


Vijay has always tried to implement nature conscious life style in the business too.   Unlike other shops he started dispensing the products in paper carry bags though it was expensive. And practicing the same till date. He practices and promotes the concept of “Let us carry our own bag to market “.


To convert his concepts in to action in a more organized way he has started a society with name SAVE (Society for Awareness & Vision on Environment, www.save.org.in) in 2006. The society is now working well for rain water Harvesting and Preservation of lakes. The society would like to see more ground water in Hyderabad by 2012.





   The products can be broadly categorized as

         Milk sweets, Dry-fruits sweets, flour sweets, Bengali sweets, Diet sweets, formulated sweets, Beverages, snacks and savories.


     Categorization of products as per availability:     

         Regular products

         Seasonal products

         Products on order



Offers at the shop:


1)    Carry your own bag: Visit Emerald with your own cloth/Jute carry bag.

     Avail 4% discount.


2)    Harvest rain water: Arrange rain water harvesting pit in your house      /colony or Encourage some one to arrange rain water harvesting pit.      The society SAVE affords labor expenditures for the construction.


3)    Plant a tree: Plant a tree on the occasion of birth day / marriage day.      Avail a plant for free.


4)    Recycle Plastic/PP waste: Return the plastic containers / PP covers with     Emerald label to us. Avail discount or Herbal bath powder on purchases.


5)    Clay idols: Avail a clay Ganesh idol for free on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturdi. (Immersion of clay idols in ponds never causes pollution).




1)    Haritaavaranam (June 5th Every year. The world environment day)

2)    Sujalam: Harvest rain water & preservation of water recourses.

3)    Nirmalam: Avoid usage polythene carry bags. Carry your own bag.

                       Cooperate for recycling and reuse of Plastic relevant waste.

4)    Haritam: Plant a tree on the occasion of Birthday/Marriage day.

5)    Arunam:



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