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Registration Process
Why should you register?

You have to register to be able to bid. We need to capture your information to be able to let you know if you have won the items you were Buying for, arrange delivery to you and arrange payment. The information we capture is only relevant to this and includes name and contact details, email address, username and password chosen, company name and contact details, job titles if relevant and business type etc.
We may at times ask you for voluntary information such as your business type and the type of stock you are most interested in Buying for, this is so we can ensure that Ladduwala provides the products and services our members are looking for.


How do I register?
  • Click on the red Register Now button at the top right hand corner of the homepage.
  • Follow through the instructions on the registration form.
  • Complete all of the required information. If you do not complete a mandatory field then you will be asked to complete it before you can register.
  • You will be asked to choose a username and password. Please see the Setting up a username and password section below for information regarding this.
  • Without the mandatory information such as the name, email address etc we cannot set up your account as we cannot send you your password. This prevents false registrations and ensures that email communications from Ladduwala are being received.
Setting up a username and password:
  • Your username and password is how the website will recognise you in the future. It can, within reason, be anything you like. As a bidder, you can select an identity that is either anonymous or a natural variant on your actual name. Please note that offensive usernames and passwords will not be allowed.
  • You cannot have exactly the same username as someone else, therefore you may be asked to try again. Please note that variants with numbers are most likely to give you a unique username. (such as Ratan247 rather than simply RatanK)
  • Near the end of the registration process you will be asked to enter a graphic code to show that you have read and accept the terms & conditions. If you do not wish to accept them then we are unable to register you but no harm will be done and we will not keep any of the information about you that you previously supplied.
  • Once entered please click on the 'Register’ button. If all information is correct and mandatory fields completed then an automated email will be sent confirming we have received your application.
For more details, please e-mail us at Sweetshops@Ladduwala.com
What happens next:
  • We immediately acknowledge your registration application via email.
  • The email confirms your chosen username and password.
  • Within a working day (usually a couple of hours during office hours) we review your application and email you to confirm that your account is active and ready to use.
  • Once you receive your activation email all the members facilities will be available to you.
  • If there are any matters that require clarification (an unrecognised address for example) we will attempt to contact you via email or phone to avoid unnecessary delays.
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Signing In & Signing Out

Why should I Sign In? 

If you are not logged in you will not be able to view your account details or place any bids. The Signing in process simply asks you for your username and password which you chose when you registered and which were confirmed in an email to you from ourselves. Once logged in you can watch any lots that are of interest to you, let us know what items you are looking for, see what you are currently Buying on, update your personal information and contact details etc.
Signing in:  
  • Click on the small red Sign button near the top right hand corner of the homepage or click on the Sign In link in the end My Account area at the top left hand side of the homepage. This will then present you with two boxes to enter your Sign details.
  • Alternatively you can sign in from the 'Place a bid' section of any Lot on site.
  • In the first box, please enter your username. (Case sensitive!)
  • In the second box, please enter your password. (Case sensitive!)
  • If you wish for your username and password to be remembered for your next visit please click in the 'Remember me' box. Please note that thi s will only happen from that individual PC and only if cookies are enabled on that PC.
  • Click on the arrow in the bottom right of the Sign box and you will be logged in!
  • You will now have access to your account details in a drop down menu list from the 'My Account' toolbar just below the search boxes.
  • You can return to this point from any screen by clicking on the big red My Account button in the top right hand corner of any page/screen.
I’ve forgotten my password!:   

This section will be updated once the new process is determined. Please contact the office during office hours (Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm) in the meantime.

Why should I Sign Out?   

Your account details are personal to to you and you should keep them private for security reasons. Signing out prevents anyone else from looking at your account unless they have been told your username and password by you. This also prevents Buying in your name that could legally commit you to a purchase. (Please note that we are able to trace the IP (Internet Protocol) address back to the PC/Internet connection users Sign from and can also produce a Sign audit for legal reason where required.)
How do I Sign Out?  

Click on the red ‘Sign Out’ button near the top right of the homepage to Sign Out. If your account remains logged in but inactive for a period of time we will automatically log you out for security reasons. You will then have to log back in if you wish to view your account or place bids.

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Using The Search Function  

What is the search for? 


The search function enables you to find auctions currently on site that are of specific interest to you. It is a short cut alternative to browsing through categories and sub categories at random to find what you are looking for.

How do I use the search function?  
  • Click in the Search box on the homepage.
  • Enter the text you would like to search for. (ie. skirt or phone etc)
  • In the drop down list choose whether you want to search all categories or just individual ones. Once selected click on the 'Go' button.
  • All relevant results will then be shown on the page with their basic details, you can click on any of these to see further details and place bids.
  • All results will be shown automatically but you can further refine your search to ‘Auction’ items or ‘Buy It Now’ items by clicking on the associated tab across the top of the results page.
  • Please remember to be as specific as possible in your searches. If you are looking for software then by typing in the search textbox you could bring up both  Soft ware' and Soft Toys'. Therefore typing in the search text 'software' would bring up more relevant results for you.
  • Search results can be sorted by the use of the 'sort by' drop down list once the results of your search are displayed.
  • To narrow your search you can also click on the Advanced Search Option link within the search box itself. This works in the same way as the standard search box but allows you to further define your search to only results which have photographs attached, bids against them etc.
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Browsing For Items 

For more details, please e-mail us at CakeShops@Ladduwala.com
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